Bathroom Reno Tips

December 13, 2020

Bathroom Reno Tips

We all love to drool over beautiful bathrooms; as we dream of sipping champagne whilst relaxing in a gorgeous freestanding bathtub with strawberries & cheese on hand, mirrors & lights that make us look stunning any time of day and endless storage for a myriad of beauty products.  But, before you get too carried away and rip out your tired old bathroom to create your dream one, PAUSE!!  Take a deep breath and read on.

Bathroom Design by Chango & Co

As tempting as it may be to buy bits and pieces like taps, sinks and towel rails as you see them; take the time to work out your style.  What are you most drawn towards - Hamptons, coastal, traditional, farmhouse, industrial, rustic, contemporary?  What style suits your home and lifestyle?  Search through magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram or wherever you can draw inspiration, then gather those images in a mood board (use Canva, it is super simple and fun), pick out the components that appeal to you the most and your style will evolve. 

Voila, you now have direction!  #yourwelcome

Bathroom Design by Studio McGee

Write a list!  Not a shopping list; a list of “must haves”, “nice to haves” and “definitely don’t want!”.  This will guide you on your reno journey so that you end up with the design you need for functionality, lifestyle, family and style.  And, it will help you stay on budget – speaking of which, bathrooms can be expensive to renovate because of the number of trades involved, so allow plenty in the budget for trades on top of all your materials, fixtures and fittings.  As a general rule of thumb allow $3-4k per square metre for a bathroom reno.

If you are renovating your own bathroom and not utilising the awesome services of an interior designer then measure up the room and draw a floor plan; it doesn’t need to be fancy or CAD drawn; you will simply need a measuring tape, pen and paper.  Make certain to measure every wall and nook, taking note of windows and position of existing plumping.  If you want to save money keep the layout the same to minimise additional trade expenses for plumbing and electricals – but you already knew that!

Bathroom Design by Chango & Co

Now that you have found your style and measured you can start searching for your individual fittings and fixtures, keep in mind you always want to refer back to your mood board so you stay on track and don’t get distracted by the huge number of beautiful products beckoning.  Referring to your plan will help you choose the right fit and scale for the size and shape of the room; for example, there's no point selecting a 1500mm vanity when only a 1200mm will fit.  Start with the larger pieces like the vanity and work your way down to the smaller fittings. 

I always think of 2-3 words, for example “relaxing, sustainable & coastal”  which I use to  describe the space I want to create and refer to those words for every selection, if something doesn’t meet the brief it doesn’t make the cut!

Bathroom Design by Coco Republic

Now that you have made your selections, triple check your measurements from all angles before you buy.  Here are some things to consider:

Do you have enough space to pull drawers out and open cupboards?
Is there enough space for all bathroom users?
Does the tap fit under the shaving cabinet?
Do you have plenty of space around the toilet when seated?
Do you have enough storage?
Are there any awkward cleaning spots which could be eliminated with a design tweak?

Bathroom Design by Ashe & Leandro

Check with the experts.  Before you part with your hard-earned money, if you have any doubts or questions simply ask your experts, your trades, specialty hardware or bathroom retailer or designer.  Show them your plan, measurements and selections; they may see a potential problem which is still super easy (and inexpensive) to fix at this point.

Courtesy of The English Tapware Co

If you don’t think you can pull off a bathroom reno yourself contact an Interior Designer for advice; we take the stress right out of the equation and run the project for you, from demolition to styling.  It can be cost effective and save tons of your valuable time if you leave it to us 😊
If you decide to do it yourself make sure to enjoy the journey and smile!

Share with us in the comments your bathroom dilemmas or tips.

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Mel xx

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